Stop blocking athlete access to media

FRIDAY,  SEPT 25, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 29) Universities continue to block athletes from talking to the media. That’s got to stop. (Poynter) For athletes at many of the nation’s top athletic programs, talking to the news media is regarded as a punishable offense There has never been a time when America more urgentlyContinue reading “Stop blocking athlete access to media”

Student editorials

WEDNESDAY,  SEPT 23, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 27) How Award-Winning Student Newspaper Editorials Framed COVID-19 (College Media Review) As universities around the country began responding with announcements of extended spring breaks and the transition to online learning because of COVID-19, student journalists working at college newspapers were forced to react to an unprecedented situation.Continue reading “Student editorials”

Journalism industry’s elitism

WEDNESDAY,  SEPT 16, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 22) How the journalism industry’s elitism locks out folks from underrepresented backgrounds (Poynter) After he took a look at my resume and clips, I asked him for advice on how to get a journalism internship. I had applied to around 20 summer positions, including a few atContinue reading “Journalism industry’s elitism”

Anxious media advisers

FRIDAY,  AUG. 21, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 6) (Student Press Law Center) Student media advisers say they’re anxious about going back to school during COVID-19 Some student media advisers are scared going into the fall semester—both for their students’ safety, Sarah Verpooten watched as a parent at an Aug. 3 school board meeting advocatedContinue reading “Anxious media advisers”