Time for a change in newsrooms

FRIDAY,  SEPT 18, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 24) It’s time for change in our newsrooms: here’s how (Bureau of Investigative Journalism) What journalism is and what it does has a profound effect on the society we aim to reflect and inform. Our discourse and decisions around immigration, inequality, crime – frankly everything – wouldContinue reading “Time for a change in newsrooms”

Student media sound the alarm

THURSDAY,  AUG. 27, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 10) (Axios) Student media sounds alarm on unsafe university reopenings College media outlets are calling out their universities for failing to address the potentially-devastating communal spread of COVID-19 in their college towns. Why it matters: With local newspapers in decline, campus papers have increasingly become the defaultContinue reading “Student media sound the alarm”