THURSDAY,  OCT 1, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 33)
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(Reynolds Journalism Institute)
Email newsletters are thriving, but their ascendancy in today’s media brings with it a certain foreboding: Given how successful the format has been the past few years — and how many writers have turned to newsletter platforms like Substack to build their personal brands and possibly earn some real money — it feels almost inevitable there will eventually be some kind of crash, shake-out, or decline.
After all, no market rises forever, and all trends come and go. How close are newsletters to that breaking point, and how will it play out?
To answer that question, it’s informative to look back on another format that helped redefine media in a previous era: the blog.
(Arab Media & Society)
This paper examines the journalism and media education programs in three countries in the Arab region (Libya, Syria, Yemen) that have been or are still in the throes of civil wars and/or polarization along conflicting political ideologies and control of different geographical zones.
Based on an online questionnaire distributed among academics affiliated with universities in these three states, results show that the three countries suffer from an extreme lack of proper journalism and media education programs.
However, online and blended education can serve as a bridge for these countries to overcome their constraints and challenges, and develop new models for their journalism and media education programs.
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(New York University)
“The announcement Monday by members of the Washington Square News editorial staff that they were resigning their positions came as a complete surprise to the University.
The WSN operates autonomously, for all intents and purposes: while NYU provides office space for the paper and some financial advice and support for their operations, the WSN has complete editorial discretion.
High School
(California HS – San Ramon)
(California HS – San Ramon)
Community College
(Diablo Valley)
(Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)
(CSU Long Beach)
(Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)
Community College
Cerritos Talon Marks   (Vol. 65  No. 1)
Rio Hondo el Paisano   (Vol. 61  No. 3)
San Marcos Cougar   (Vol. 52   No. 11)
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