7 habits of journalists – Curiosity

TUESDAY,  SEPT 29, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 31)

The 7 habits of successful journalists
— starting with curiosity

(Online Journalism Blog)
Are good reporters born — or made? Can you teach the curiosity that all good journalists possess? The persistence of the best reporting? The creativity of the most compelling stories? Every so often I hear a journalist say that you can’t — that those qualities are ‘innate’ or “can’t be taught”…
This line of thought — a line which lacks the very curiosity and persistence that journalists are expected to aspire to — bothers me.
And it’s bothered me for some time.
Over the last year I’ve been thinking about these qualities a lot, what they might be, how educators teach them, and how they could be developed in journalism students and trainees more explicitly.
(New York Daily News)
The bulk of NYU’s student newspaper staff abruptly resigned Monday over grievances with its new university-appointed editorial adviser.
The Washington Square News, in a lead editorial atop its web site, called on the school to fire the adviser, Kenna Griffin, and accused her of making a power grab that undermined their abilities and authority as student-journalists.
“It was not a decision we enjoyed making,” said the editorial, signed by 40 members of the staff. “However, we understand that continuing to work at WSN in our current circumstance would do more harm than good, and we refuse to condone what we have seen over the past three weeks.”
The only name missing from the list was that of the paper’s former editor-in-chief, who was fired “without warning” earlier this month, the editorial said.
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(The University of Warwick (Coventry, UK) Boar)
Welcome to Comment, the opinion section of your student newspaper! Here, you’ll find articles offering personal views on student issues and current affairs. If you have an opinion you want to share, on a topic you think students should care about, treat this as your soapbox and clamber on. But in place of a sales pitch, let me tell you a story. Get comfortable – it’s not like you have a club night to go to.
Once upon a term, Boar Comment was conceived as the hub of lively debate on campus. But one day, Comment found it no longer had a monopoly on student opinion.
High School
(University Prep HS)
(Irvine HS – Costa Mesa)
(Redwood HS – Larkspur)
(Amador Valley HS – Pleasanton)
(California HS – San Ramon)
(Moreno Valley HS)
Community College
(San Francisco)
(San Francisco)
(El Camino)
(CSU Long Beach)
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