The killing of independent student media

THURSDAY,  SEPT 24, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 28)
It's dangerous to start a newspaper
(The Virginia Cynic)
“It’s a dangerous thing to start a paper.”
As I read these words etched across a March 1883 edition of the Burlington Clipper, a weekly newspaper that used to run in the Queen City, the words echoed throughout my head.
This line comes at the end of a bit of news. Students at the University of Vermont, just at the top of the hill, as they used to refer to the University’s campus, had passed around a circular that month saying they intended to start their own newspaper.
Two months after these lines were published in the Clipper, the first issue of what was known as the “University Cynic,” hit the stands.
Run by the students of the University, the publication has continued to do so.
But now, over a hundred years later, a publication created for students, run by students and written for students is under attack.
(Online News Association)
Applications are open for the 2020 Challenge Fund for Innovation in Journalism Education, which aims to support educators “hacking the journalism curriculum” through innovation and partnerships with local news organizations. We know that collaborations may look different right now—and we also know that educators are some of the most innovative people we know. When you apply, talk to us about your local circumstances and how you might adapt your projects to foster collaboration. Applications are due Oct. 28.
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Daily Orange incentive graphic

(The Lead)
As coronavirus continues devastating student publications’ budgets, The Daily Orange at Syracuse University is taking a new approach: a membership program. The DO launched the program, hoping to connect more deeply with its community and create a sustainable revenue model for the future.
Members will receive perks based on the amount of their recurring donation. Memberships start at $5 per month and go up to $50+ per month. The first week goal was 50 members and there was  an alum who  committed to giving $1,000 if  that goal was reached.  The Daily Orange had 50 members within the first 12 hours of launching.
High School
(Webb HS – Belmont)
Community College
(LA Harbor)
(El Camino)
(Santa Monica)
(CSU Long Beach)
(UC Berkeley)
High School
Community College
Bakersfield Renegade Rip   (Vol. 95  No. 2)
Santa Monica Corsair  (Vol. 120  No. 2)

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Copyright 2020 by Rich Cameron

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