Journalism industry’s elitism

WEDNESDAY,  SEPT 16, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 22)
Lonlely student
After he took a look at my resume and clips, I asked him for advice on how to get a journalism internship. I had applied to around 20 summer positions, including a few at the company for which he works.
He, a journalism industry executive, suggested that I keep up what I was doing in college. But he had more to say about my school in particular.
“We just don’t know what you’re doing there,” he said, referencing the part of my resume that indicated I was attending a community college.
It left me gutted. From his elitist point of view, my community college lowered my value as an applicant. That conversation eroded any self-confidence I had in pursuing journalism following my freshman year.
– – –
Daily 49er front page
(CSU Long Beach Daily 49er)
Commencement was going to be a moment that Traci Salazar, fourth-year political science major, shared with her daughter. Now, it’s unlikely that her 7-year-old will see her walk across the stage and receive her degree.
Students have expressed their disappointment with the recent announcement that Long Beach State will be continuing with mainly remote instruction for the spring 2021 semester.
“It’s just sad because I wanted her to see me. I wanted her to see her mom graduate,” Salazar said. “It means something to everyone, it honestly does, but for me personally it just really meant something to my daughter.”
(Dani’s Dreams Innovation in Education Corp’s Urban Media Project)
In these last six months, all of us have experienced seismic shifts in every facet of our lives. But the ground beneath us holds firm, and we now have a unique and unprecedented opportunity to use our voices to Speak The Truth during this crucial time in our country.
The Dani’s Dreams Innovation in Education Corp’s Urban Media Project Speak The Truth town halls are unique in that students are answering as well as asking the questions and sharing media from their perspectives. All participants will be integral parts of creating media that matters for their school and surrounding communities.
We have several schools who have agreed to participate in the three Speak The Truth events: Sept. 25, Oct. 2 and Oct. 9. There are spots still open for those young people who want to have a say and discuss the issues affecting their communities and the role of journalists in our government.
– – –
It would have been so much simpler for Natalie Walters to report on looted Dallas businesses were she actually in the city as planned. Instead, she had to cover them from more than 900 miles away in her hometown of Augusta, Georgia. What’s more, her firsthand knowledge of the place consisted only of passing through once before on a road trip.
Like myself, and several other news interns I spoke to, Walters spent her summer reporting on a place she didn’t know at all.
High School
(Miramonte HS – Orlinda)
Canvas is a Poor Tool for Students
Community College
(Orange Coast)
(San Diego City)
(CSU San Diego)
(Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)
(CSU Chico)
(CSU San Marcos)
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Copyright 2020 by Rich Cameron

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