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MONDAY,  SEPT 14, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 20)
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(College Media Review)
Ninety-four percent of college media outlets continued production during the COVID-19 pandemic amid campus shutdowns and restructuring operations to work virtually, according to the results of CMA’s 2020 benchmarking survey.
The fourth annual “State of College Media” survey provides a snapshot of what college media operations face and also identifies industry trends. Approximately 135 CMA members nationwide completed the survey, which was distributed electronically on June 4, 2020.
Via Meg O’Neil
Facebook  is getting back to its roots as a college-focused social network. The company has announced the launch of a new social networking platform, Facebook Campus, which offers college students a private place to connect with classmates, join groups, discover upcoming campus events, get updates from their school’s administration and chat with other students from their dorm, clubs or any other campus group.
The new platform requires a school email address ( to join and will live within a dedicated section of the Facebook app
Early in the fall semester California student news publications have a high content of television, video games, and music review features. This is true across high school, community college, and university levels, with community colleges showing a higher proclivity for these features. One community college publication in particular, Cypress College Chronicle, has posted dozens of these features in the last week or two. New TV shows on streaming services are getting more attention than network television.
The second most frequent topic, especially with community colleges and high schools, is fire and its effect on local communities and campuses. High schools are also discovering a new phenomenon: virtual back-to-school nights.
A third frequent story theme is Zoom classes, with stories about whether they work or not and how students and faculty are approaching them.
Nearly every California State University student publication monitored published the announcement that spring classes will be held mostly online within hours of the CSU chancellor’s announcement. This is a vastly different pattern seen in publications last spring or early this fall when common stories, such as the cancellation of spring and fall sports, where stories are/were spread over weeks.
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(Forbes Magazine)
Of the country’s 25 worst Covid-19 outbreaks over the past two weeks, 19 are in towns with colleges; the five communities with the highest number of coronavirus cases per capita all house colleges with at least 15,000 students enrolled.
High School
(California HS – San Ramon)
(Oak Park HS)
Community College
(Santa Barbara)
(San Francisco)
(San Francisco)
(CSU Humboldt)
(CSU Bakersfield)
(UC Berkeley)
(CSU San Diego)
(Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)
Community College
San Joaquin Delta Collegian (Vol. Fall 2020   No. 1)
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