Covering elections

THURSDAY,  SEPT 10, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 18)
2020 USA presidential election banner.
(The Lead newsletter)
Note what your staff can actually cover. You don’t have to cover everything. Before the election season begins, assess what issues your staff is interested in, and what you can devote resources to covering.
College journalists can search for a regional or national nonprofit newsroom that allows their stories to be reprinted. Then, writers at your publication can focus on hyperlocal issues, or national issues from a student perspective. You can also sign up for ProPublica’s Electionland, which documents voting impediments in real time, providing reporters with local leads.
(CSU Fullerton)
Via Waleed Rashidi
CSU Fullerton’s College of Communications will stream a student journalism symposium Saturday, Sept., 19 from 10 a.m. to noon on covering elections.
The keynote speaker will be the 2020-2021 President of the Society of Professional Journalists Matthew Hall, editorial and opinion director for The San Diego Union Tribune.
Register here for this free, virtual event.
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(Poynter Institute)
In 2018, bought full-page ads in nearly every student newspaper across the United States. It was one of the largest advertisement campaigns in the country to encourage younger voters to participate in their midterm elections.
In that case, a nonpartisan organization was encouraging young Americans to vote — hardly a controversial topic. But as election season hits full swing, campaigns are once again trying to connect with young voters, and some of them carry more polarizing messages. Student journalists should understand the ethical concerns of running political advertisements, and draft clear policies for their publication.
High School
(Convent of Sacred Heart HS – San Francisco)
Rolling blackouts disrupt online learning for students
(Amador Valley HS – Pleasanton)
Teachers face new grading challenges
(Bonita Vista HS – Chula Vista)
(Amador Valley HS – Pleasanton)
Do students have to show their face on Zoom?
Community College
(San Joaquin Delta)
COVID-19 and small businesses
Community College
Santa Monica Corsair  (Vol. 120   No. 1)
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