Challenging industry status quo

WEDNESDAY,  SEPT 9, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 17)
(Columbia Journalism Review)
In early June, as Black Lives Matter activists protested police brutality and killings, the editors of The Maneater, the University of Missouri’s student newspaper, gathered on a Zoom call to discuss their own part in the nationwide reckoning with racial injustice.
Like many other student groups, The Maneater had recently published an Instagram post expressing solidarity with protesters. However, the post struck some staffers as lukewarm.
Following the hours-long conversation, the brief Instagram post was replaced by an editorial that outlined a series of new initiatives intended to fight for racial justice.
In the editorial, The Maneater pledged to mandate social justice training for reporters, to create a diversity committee to oversee race-related coverage, and to include links to Black Lives Matter fundraisers at the end of every article throughout the summer. Such steps may run counter to journalism’s status quo ante; as Izzy Colón, then the paper’s editor in chief, says, her staff “wanted to prioritize what is right in terms of social justice.”
The Maneater is not alone.
(Campus Reform)
The University of Michigan’s student newspaper sent a training email to staff saying not to use Fox News as a source.
In response to Campus Reform’s inquiry, the Michigan Daily changed course and said it will no longer single out Fox News.
Based on a tip from a concerned student at the University of Michigan, Campus Reform investigated an email from the college’s student newspaper, the Michigan Daily, to its staff.
The newspaper did not instruct students to refrain from citing left-leaning cable news outlets, such as CNN or MSNBC.
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(Virginia Tech Collegiate Times)
The first ever rivalry challenge between the Virginia TechCollegiate Times and UVA’s student newspaper The Cavalier Daily to see which paper can raise the most money.
The Virginia Tech and UVA rivalry is over 125 years old and the famous Commonwealth Clash is one of the most anticipated college football games each year.
After the ACC reconfigured its schedule due to COVID-19, the match-up was moved from its usual November spot to Sept. 19. Despite minimal fans being allowed to watch the game in person, the excitement surrounding the game is as intense as ever.
Additionally, to celebrate the rivalry, the Collegiate Times and The Cavalier Daily will be producing a joint print issue. Half of the issue will feature Collegiate Times coverage and the other half will feature The Cavalier Daily coverage. The issue will hit stands on both campuses on Sept. 17.
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(California News Publishers Assn)
Free ads support First Amendment
A national campaign promoted by The Free Speech Center features ads with celebrities explaining what First Amendment freedoms mean to them. Think “Got Milk?” for the Constitution.
The campaign is totally non-partisan and directs the public and particularly students to 1forAll, where they can learn more about the First Amendment.
CNPA has joined other state news associations as supporters of the project. The public service ads are provided at no obligation.
High School
(Bishop O’Dowd HS – Oakland)
The New World of Sports Recruiting
Community College
Community College
Bakersfield Renegade Rip  (Vol. 95  No. 1)
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Copyright 2020 by Rich Cameron

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