Student journalists discuss school opening

FRIDAY,  SEPT 4, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 15)
Audio stories
(WABE – Atlanta)
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s college newspaper made headlines this month when reporters broke the news that several clusters of students living on-campus had tested positive for the coronavirus.
The Daily Tar Heel’s coverage quickly went viral as the newspaper followed the university’s decision to reverse from in-person classes to virtual.
And The Daily Tar Heel isn’t the only student new media outlet closely covering these stories.
On campuses across the country, student journalists are keeping up with how their colleges and universities are handling their reopening plans — all while juggling classes.
On Thursday’s edition of “Closer Look,” host Rose Scott spoke with student reporters from colleges and universities across Georgia to hear how they’re covering the pandemic on their campuses. (54:04)
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
College students across the country are returning to campuses for the first time since the pandemic hit. But some campuses closed almost as soon as they opened. We look at how the decisions are being made to reopen higher ed.
Guests include Andy Thomason, senior editor at the Chronicle of Higher Education; Holden Thorp, editor-in-chief of Science Magazine; Professor of chemistry and medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. Former chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and Caroline Anders, senior at Indiana University. Enterprise editor at the Indiana Daily Student, IU’s independent student newspaper. (46:44)
Student media is having its day
News outlets across the country this week picked up the student-media-as-watchdog narrative, and it was a real lift for many of us in the journalism education community to see our student newspapers lauded by national media.
National media were all over the UNC story, including The Washington Post, while CNN talked to the Notre Dame students. NPR highlighted the work at UNC, the University of Kansas and the University of Texas in its piece ‘We’re Living The News’: Student Journalists Are Owning The College Reopening Story. And Axios’ Student media sounds alarm on unsafe university reopenings name-checked the work of student media at Penn State, Syracuse and Oklahoma State.
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(Sacramento State Hornet)
On this State Hornet podcast special, editors Robbie Pierce, Maddie Beck and Max Connor take you through key events over the summer and developments from the past week related to the state of the campus during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. (7:54)
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
Via Meg O’Neil
Lessons From the 2020 Democratic and Republican Conventions — for Teaching Online
The political conventions offered academics a few lessons on what to do — and a lot on what not to do — in a virtual classroom
On the first night of the Democrats’ 2020 convention, the host Eva Longoria acknowledged the obvious: “We had hoped to gather in one place.” So had the Republicans, of course, who likewise shifted their convention to a mostly virtual format because of the coronavirus. And so did you, if you’re teaching at one of the thousands of colleges that have moved classes online for the fall.
Until very recently, many of us expected to return to our physical classrooms at least part of the time during the new semester. Now that most of us can’t, what can we learn about teaching from this summer’s virtual political conventions?
  • Lesson 1: If you plan to give lectures, record them beforehand.
  • Lesson 2: When you record lectures, don’t pretend you’re speaking in front of a crowd.
  • Lesson 3: Don’t go to the other extreme and pretend there’s no audience at all.
  • Lesson 4: Try to pre-record other activities, too.
  • Lesson 5: Vary the stylistic menu.
  • Lesson 6: Try to build in other surprises, as well.
  • Lesson 7: Use humor — but judiciously.
  • Lesson 8: Splice in music, art, and other eye/ear candy.
  • Lesson 9: Ask how it’s going. Then ask again.
  • Lesson 10: Meet informally with your students, when possible.
High School
(Foothill Tech HS – Ventura)
Athletics and Foreign Language (image gallery)
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Community College
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Community College
San Jose City Times (Vol. 90  No. 1)
Southwestern El Sol   (2020 magazine)
San Francisco Guardsman (Vol. 170  No. 1)
Glendale Insider Magazine (Fall 2020  Issue 11)
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