Saving California Journalism Act

TUESDAY,  SEPT. 1, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 12)
(California News Publishers Assn)
Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio (D- Baldwin Park) today announced that her Assembly Bill 323, the Save Local Journalism Act, was passed by the State Senate and State Assembly and is on its way to the Governor’s desk.
AB 323 establishes a path for community and ethnic news outlets to reach underserved communities through state advertising and provides an additional year for ethnic, mid-size and daily newspapers to pursue alternate distribution models while preparing to comply with AB 5.
(Drexel University Triangle)
As a Drexel student, many things are guaranteed throughout your college experience as a Dragon. One assured fixture in Drexel University’s existence is the weekly tradition of being heckled and hounded at the Mario the Dragon statue — often unexpectedly — by a member of the reigning student newspaper on campus, The Triangle.
Why? Well, to get a copy of the new issue of The Triangle, of course! All jokes aside, it is equally awkward for both the members of The Triangle and for the passersby alike, but it is also an integral — albeit quirky — part of the Drexel campus culture.
The Editorial Staff at The Triangle has been figuring out what it means to be a newspaper — especially one such as ours, well-recognized for its in-person distribution and accessibility — and how to keep people reading. We can continue to improve our digital footprint, expand our social media outreach and produce content that is truly impactful for the Drexel community.
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Stanford University’s student paper published a letter advocating for its illegal immigrant student population
Stanford University’s student newspaper, The Stanford Daily, promoted a petition supporting illegal immigrant students. In the “letter to the community,” titled, “Undocumented students are hurting,” four students shared their experiences, each under a pseudonym, of being in the country illegally.
The letter included a petition in support of illegal immigrant communities since the new restrictions to the Obama-era program, DACA. Some of the demands listed in the petition include increasing funding and resources for hiring “professionals of color who are better trained” on working for illegal immigrant students, as well as creating a task force to train faculty to better support the community.
High School
(Sequoias HS – Redwood City)
Virtual graduation better than nothing
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Community College
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NEW ON ISSUU (community college)
Cypress Chronicle   (Vol. Fall 2020  No. 1)
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