Remotely prepared print newspaper

FRIDAY,  AUG. 28, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 11)

women looking at print student newspaper

The Pitt News released its first print edition of the academic year on Wednesday, keeping alive a 110-year-old Pitt tradition.
But things at The Pitt News were far from normal.
Jon Moss, the student newspaper’s editor-in-chief, and Mary Rose O’Donnell, the managing editor, weren’t in the newsroom as they worked on the paper’s layout Tuesday night. Moss was in New Jersey. O’Donnell was in an Oakland apartment. The rest of the newsroom was scattered throughout dorms, apartments, and family homes.
The staff — made up of between 150 and 200 students — is working remotely, as covid-19 restrictions have shuttered their office.
Nonetheless, The Pitt News released its first issue of the year on schedule.
(Student Press Law Center)
As student journalists prepare for reporting this semester in the midst of major uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, many are wondering what policies to institute concerning in-person reporting. Below you’ll find suggested language crafted by the SPLC to guide you should you decide to implement newsroom policies regarding how staff members and contributors conduct their reporting.
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(Poynter Institute: The Lead)
The journalism job market is tenuous. Many internship programs are on hold. What’s a job-searching, early career journalist to do? Freelancing is one option, but it’s intimidating if you don’t know how to get started.
Erin Schwartz is the managing editor of Study Hall, a media newsletter and online support network with great resources for freelance journalists. She shared advice on finding paid work, negotiating rates and building relationships with editors.
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Behind the Mask: Series Cover
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