Student Media Finances

WEDNESDAY,  AUG. 19, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 4)

(Student Press Law Center)
One of the top concerns facing student media is financial durability. If you haven’t yet, we recommend you start by checking out our Student Media Financial Survival Strategies page, where you’ll find ideas and tools geared specifically to high school and college journalists.
(Arizona Daily Widcat)
A new two-year Master of Arts degree in Bilingual Journalism has recently been unveiled by the University of Arizona’s School of Journalism, with a program start date in Fall of 2021. It will be one of the only graduate taught programs in bilingual journalism in the country, with a focus on coverage in Spanish and Portuguese languages and issues in the Latinx community.
(Chronicle of Higher Education via Meg O’Neil)
Your students may well be different this fall. Some may be newly awakened to societal injustices and more attuned to privilege and racism. Some may be disillusioned with a country that has admitted it can’t — or won’t — take steps to keep its people safe.
But more to the point, some students are going to be less tolerant of hot air from people in power. They’re not going defer to authority simply because it is authority.
What does that mean for you as a college instructor? . . Here are three basic steps you can take to show students they can trust you and to back up your institutionally granted authority with evidence of real leadership. . .
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(UC Berkeley)
The end of intimacy
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