Schools without newspapers

MONDAY,  AUG. 17, 2020    (Vol. 2  No. 2)

(The 74 Million)

Too Many Schools Lack a Student Newspaper. When Schools Reopen, However They Reopen, Every School Should Have One

Every day, it becomes increasingly clear that the road to societal reforms is steep and often crumbling. I’d like to suggest one simple action we can take right now that will help pave the way for a more solid, stable future: When students return to school, however they return to school, everyone should have some kind of student newspaper.


(Poynter Institute – The Lead)
Private universities vs. student journalists: How to pressure your university for access 

University administrators and independent student journalists often don’t get along. Because private universities are not necessarily subject to open records laws, often the only way to get information about the university is to ask— leaving the fate of student journalists in the hands of media relations specialists who can be uncooperative. And when a university refuses to work with its student newspaper, the entire university community is harmed.


(Rich’s Musings)
Transformation of the club house
As I look at the challenges my journalism educator colleagues face these days and having to deal with remote teaching I mostly am glad that I retired from full-time teaching a few years ago, but there are times when I wish I was back in the game.



(Poynter News University)
Customize and combine online courses for your students this semester

Whether you’ll be teaching in-person, building your distance learning toolkit or a little of both — Poynter has the expertise and resources to make the 2020/21 school year a little easier. 

Poynter has long offered e-learning in packages designed for classroom engagement. You’ll find a relevant selection of online courses like Ethics in Journalism, The Art of the Interview and Cleaning Your Copy. Most courses are about an hour long, and can be bundled  in custom orders specific to your classes at $10 per course per student. 


High School

(Archbishop Mitty (San Jose) HS)
See, snap, run

(Sir Francis Drake (San Anselmo) HS)
The many alternatives to college after high school

(California (San Ramon) HS)
Anonymous Cal student posts racist comment during class on the first day of school

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Community College

Cerritos College places several women’s soccer coaches on leave due to allegations of misconduct and harassment

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(Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)
Instagram account ‘Cal Poly Stories’ exposes sexual violence and discrimination on campus


Look for more links to student stories at the Online Elsewhere Facebook page. Trying something new with your program? Something interesting happen? Let me know at without the “e”). 

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