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Vol. 2 No. 1
Aug. 14, 2020

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Welcome back to a new school year. And welcome back to Online Elsewhere, where I try to curate journalism education news for you five days a week. Each newsletter will also include links to interesting stories appearing in California high school, community college, and university student publications. Yes, I have added more than 275 high school publications to my daily monitoring of more than 50 community college and 20-plus university publications. And I am hoping I haven’t overloaded myself.

In addition to including some of the links to this newsletter, I repost them on the Online Elsewhere Facebook page so that your students have a source to see what others are writing about and, perhaps borrow some ideas for their own stories.

Content Review Study

If you missed it in your summer mail, you can still get last spring’s content review study of community college student publications. And here’s an article about the study published this summer by College Media Review. (Whew, that was a lot of work!) It did not start out as a measurement of pre-pandemic and post-pandemic story-type selections, but it is interesting to see how students’ choices changed once remote education began. Students did awesome work. I hope community college instructors will share and discuss their school-by-school reports with their students.

I’m still working, very slowly, on the community college Snapshot Review of community college journalism programs. Sorry for the delay.


(Loyola Phoenix)
‘As a Female Sports Journalist Entering the Field in a Year, the Post Story is so Scary’

The Washington Post published an article on July 16 detailing allegations by former Washington Redskins employee Emily Applegate’s experience of sexual harassment and verbal abuse from people within the organization. 

There was also mention of some female sports reporters allegedly being sexually assaulted at the organization. 

Coming across the story I felt a number of emotions — sadness, outrage — but the worst was, I wasn’t surprised. Sexual harassment in sports isn’t new. 

Going to Loyola and covering the sports I do, I’m lucky that I haven’t faced much discrimination because of my sex. The fans respect me, my editors support me and

I’m held in the same regard as my co-editor — who’s male. 

That being said, I’ve faced some discrimination and I know I’m not alone.

– – –

(Student Press Law Center)
What can we expect in the 2020-21 academic year?

While schools have announced plans for fall 2020, the truth is, no one knows what lies ahead. Based on recent experiences and current trends, there are a few things we do know:  

  • No one actually knows if classes will meet in person and for how long.
  • The economic recession will affect student media revenue from all sources. 
  • Faculty and staff jobs, including advisers, are at risk. 
  • The accelerating move from print to exclusively online will fundamentally change the newsroom operation, culture and business model.  
  • Beats and coverage plans may need to change. 
  • Beware: Budget cuts for student media may be opportunistic (and illegal). 
  • External conditions will present new physical risks and challenges to journalists. 
  • Going digital might actually expand your readership/audience, and provide new opportunities to monetize through advertising and fundraising campaigns. 

This page is chock full of important things to think about. Be sure to take time to at least browse it.


High School

(Diamond Bar HS)
Performing Arts Academy shines through quarantine

– – – 

Community College

(San Jose)
Schools to keep online format for fall semester

– – –


(Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)
CSU Chancellor’s Office approves Cal Poly’s plans for fall quarter

(CSU Fresno)
Fresno State releases on-campus requirements for fall 2020 semester

Back to school: Navigating campus life during the coronavirus crisis 

Sports journalists are reckoning with USC’s uncertain season 

(Cal Poly Pomona)
Most student course fees suspended for fall semester

Look for more links to student stories at the Online Elsewhere Facebook page. Trying something new with your program? Something interesting happen? Let me know at richcamron@gmail.com (cameron without the “e”). 

Copyright 2020 by Rich Cameron

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